Standing Up For You.

As a resident of Mono in this diverse riding, Andrea understands the range of issues and divisive opinions on how to best move forward with solutions. She is passionate about politics, a champion for good government and democracy, and is dedicated to bridging the divide in communities.

Andrea is a successful business owner and an advocate for environmental ecosystems and health and wellness. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and cares about growing the economy with innovation and efficiency. She has seen mass corruption within the medical industry and is committed to fixing the broken health care system with truth and integrity.

She is concerned with how our children are being educated. How our taxpayer dollars are being stolen by political deceit. With how difficult it is for small businesses to thrive, and how inflation will affect us all. She is determined to bring accountability and responsibility back to leadership.

As an outspoken defender of liberty, Andrea fights for the freedom to choose and an end to political and corporate overreach. She believes that transparency and open discussion between elected officials and constituents will empower communities to rebuild trust and grow stronger together. Andrea is running for MPP to be the change the people of Dufferin-Caledon deserve, and the voice for a better and brighter future for us all.

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